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This Membership is meant to assist you further in your spiritual journey, especially divine love.
Here is a summary of what’s included:

– Twin Flame/Divine Love Journey, StarSeeds, Moon Readings, Extended Zodiac Readings (Video Format)
– Decks used in Sacred Phoenix YouTube Channel (Links to purchase)
– Tarot/Oracle Decks to assist you in your spiritual journey (links to buy)
Also all members will receive %10 OFF on private readings and what’s coming in the future such as online courses, etc.
– Members prizes (Randomly chosen Members will receive a gift that could include a new deck or an altar piece)

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Sacred Phoenix

*****PLEASE NOTE: Memberships are NON REFUNDABLE and Billed Annually so please purchase responsibly.

Violet Feather Plan


***No Refunds. Billed Annually (Total of $266.64/Year)

Zodiac Signs Extended Readings
Access to all Decks Used in Readings (Includes Links to Purchase)
Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart Journey Readings
10% OFF on all Private Readings
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Is this Membership for you?

If you want more support in your spiritual journey and also have passion for Tarot/Oracle, then you are in the right place.
Here, you will find all the tools and readings to assist you in your soul’s path. Although most of the readings are focused on divine love journey, you will find also other readings such as spiritual gateways, moon phases, seasonal readings etc.

Extended Readings
If you want to know more about your zodiac sign energy and dive in even
Spiritual Journeys
If you are looking for more support in your spiritual journey, especially divine love then you are in the right place:)